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All the plans and documents you'll need when building in Wedgwood Grove.
Building in Wedgewood Grove
Information for buyers and builders
This page has been designed to provide builders and purchasers with the most up-to-date documents and information relating to buying and building at Wedgewood grove. Information is updated regularly, so you can be sure it is current.

Information and Plans

Wedgewood Grove Plans

Stage Plan

Concept Plan

Lodging your building plans

Once you have decided on your home design, you will need to submit your final plans to LWP for approval. This is to ensure that every home at Wedgwood Grove is of a standard that contributes to the overall quality of the estate. This helps to protect your new investment and contributes to positive capital growth for homeowners. 

Before you lodge your new home plans with the City of Swan, you are required to obtain Design Approval from LWP. 

The process to obtain LWP Design Approval is as follows:

1. Ensure when designing your home you refer to the requirements outlined in this document, Contract of Sale, individual lot plan and Local Development Plan (LDP) if applicable.

2. Upon completion of your design, submit in PDF format to the LWP Online Approval Submissions and Information System (OASIS) at 

  • One A3 set of plans including site plan, floor plan/s and elevations including setbacks, levels, key dimensions, roof pitches and materials
  • A completed Schedule of External Materials (Annexure “C”)

3. LWP will issue a Design Approval where plans appropriately comply or provide comments where a design may not comply (allow 7-10 working days).

4. Upon receipt of an approval from LWP, seek relevant approval from the City of Swan. There is no charge to obtain LWP’s approval.

Note, your chosen builder will generally complete this process on your behalf.

Moving into your new home

When it comes time to move into your new home, there are a few things that you’ll need to tick off the to-do list so we thought we’d help you out.

Landscaping comes as part of your beautiful new home at Wedgwoood Grove. You will receive a front garden package rebate and as side and rear fencing will be installed as part of your purchase price.

You will be required to contact our team six weeks before you move in, to arrange your for installation of your side and rear fencing. Email our landscape manager and they’ll do the rest

You will need to contact your local council to arrange your rubbish bins prior to moving into your home too.

Please contact the City of Swan.

Design Guidelines

The most vibrant and connected communities are populated by all kinds of people at various stages in life. That’s why at LWP we make it a priority to have a range of homesites that are as individual as the people who live in them.

Our design guidelines, covenants and building conditions are put in place to make sure that the whole neighbourhood is varied yet consistent, beautiful and well suited to the surrounding natural environment.

The visual inspiration for Wedgewood Grove is drawn from a combination of elements present in its previous life as well as modern design features to ensure homes contribute to a high quality streetscape. Creating a social environment where interaction with the streets, parks and Wetland is achieved is key for getting to know your neighbours and maintaining a thriving community.

LWP can help buyers and builders with information and advice. For more information on the design guidelines at Wedgewood Grove, click on the links below or get in touch with us at

Design Guidelines
Architectural Theme (short doc)

Approved Brick list 

Fencing and Landscaping

Please contact the contractors listed below 6 WEEKS prior to having key hand over of your home.

The contractors will need an email version of your site plan.

After you have made contact with the relevant contractors, they will liaise with you directly in regards to installation time frames.

BOUNDARY FENCING & Front Yard Landscaping. - Instant Gardens - 9303 9920 or

If your property is located on a corner and/or a cottage lot, please also make contact with the contractors listed below.


All lots include letterboxes - 0439 942 646. Suburban Streetscapes will install your preferred letterbox.


Suburban Streetscapes - 0439 942 646. Suburban Streetscapes will install your brick masonry corner wall.

Disclaimer; please read

Please always refer to the covenants and design guidelines in the land sales contract as they will take precedence over any other documentation. 

Need help? Contact us - Call 08 9297 9977 or contact us by clicking the link below. We're very happy to assist.
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